Sarah and Steph
In 2018 Sarah made the decision to volunteer as a community youth mentor and was introduced to Steph. Here's a snippet from their mentorship journey together.
MATES Mentoring
A video of interviews with students in the MATES Mentoring Program speaking of what MATES means to them and how it is changing their lives.
MATES Mentoring Makes a Difference
Hear how the WSMLLEN MATES mentoring program is making a difference in the lives of Wimmera Mallee students. MATES from Kaniva, Edenhope and Ss Michael and John's schools share their mentoring experieshow more
MATES Mentoring on WIN News
A short video of the MATES Mentoring program being featured on WIN more
School Friendly Businesses
A video about the School Friendly Business Program from the Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN, Horsham more
MATES Reading Buddies Program
A video about the MATES Reading Buddies Program from the Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN in Horsham, more