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Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLENs) are an initiative of the Victorian Government. They were established to bring together the expertise and experience of local education and training providers, business and industry, community organisations and individuals, parents and families and government agencies to support Victoria’s young people to complete year 12 or its equivalent, including apprenticeships, traineeships or vocational training. LLENs also have a particular focus on young people who are at risk of disengaging, or who have already disengaged from education and training and are not in meaningful employment.

To create partnerships between industry, education and the community that develop positive futures for our young people.

Goal 1

a.  To improve the participation of vulnerable young people and their families in education

b.  To increase the re-engagement of young people into programs leading to credentials

Goal 2

To increase our schools’ engagement with stakeholders in their community to improve students’ aspirations, education and transition outcomes

Goal 3

To remain a sustainable, innovative and responsive organisation, focused on key outcomes