MATES Term 3 Newsletter

Hello MATES Community,

Please find below the latest MATES Newsletter.

2020 continues to be a challenge for all of us and we sincerely hope you are all staying well and safe.

With non-essential volunteers unable to attend schools, the MATES Mentoring Community has certainly felt the impact. Our schools and teachers are currently very overwhelmed and everyone is working to the best of their ability to implement creative ways to offer mentorship to the many current mentees, and those who have not yet been match. Pen Pals, zoom calls and the like are all on the possibility table with a few kinks to iron out. Please stay tuned.

Any previous mentors, who would like to re-register, please get in touch. Whilst our hands are tied (and our faces masked) at the moment, we do expect an increase in mentee referrals once schools return to some what a normal timetable. If you are in a position to help, we would greatly appreciate the service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school coordinator or the LLEN Mates Team.

Thank you for your ongoing patience, empathy and support of young people.

2020-07 MATES Newsletter

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