Firstly, thank you for volunteering to be a MATES mentor. You are making a real difference in the  life of your mentee. Unfortunately, in accordance with the Victorian State Government regulations and measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, we advise that no face-to-face mentoring catch-up sessions should take place until further notice.

We are currently investigating alternate means of catch-up sessions through social media and web-based platforms to maintain the connections and relationships between mentors and mentees. We are currently working with the Department of Education and Training to ensure that any phone, social media or web platform catch-ups comply with DET and Child Safe regulations. Maintaining the health and safety of our volunteers and young people is our primary focus.
We ask that any mentors wanting to contact their mentee outside of the school environment, first check with their MATES school coordinator to ensure that the contact complies with school policy. While some established mentor-mentee matches have permission to meet outside of school grounds, we understand this may not be the case for primary school students and schools who have elected not to have outside catch-ups within their program.

We have placed all LLEN hosted MATES related events on hold, including face-to-face
training, launches, and celebrations.

Mentor training will still be available online and we are investigating methods of a more
interactive style of training – e.g. Facebook live. If you, or anyone you know, is interested
in participating in the online training, please email me on

As each school will have a different policy in place regarding volunteers in relation to the developing COVID-19 situation, we ask our volunteers to contact their in-school coordinators for the most appropriate course of action.
Again, we thank all the participants involved in the MATES Mentoring Program at this time.

We will provide further updates when they become available.

Take care, keep safe and stay well.

Sam Flaherty
MATES Coordinator


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