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The organisations listed below provide services for youth in the Wimmera Southern Mallee Region. Filter by category using the menu or type in key words to search.

Connecting Care

On-line Referral Service
Work Phone: 1800 189 387 Website: Home Page


Connectingcare is both an electronic directory and a means of electronnic referral.  It features:

  • a directory of over 6,000 health an community services across Victoria
  • an integrated system for messaging and electronic referral to over 100 health care agencies acaross Victoria.

Connectingcare enables local services to be identified using a search function.  Services can be searched by Department or Health region, Local Governmnet area or Primary Care Partnership catchment. Users can browse by service type, keword or provider.

Secure e-referrals can be made to a registered agency by accessing the Connecting Care Website and following a simple process that mirrors the workflow of referrals familiar to most health staff.